Apple’s Tradeoff between Focus and Stagnation related to Business Innovation

On my Tech blog in June 2013 I wrote about new Apple product announcements and the need for updates for previously released Apple products. Colin Donnell just wrote a blog post on this same topic with the title “The products Apple doesn’t have time to improve.” Colin’s point was to highlight the dilemma that much …

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Top Products

Walter Mosberg of the Wall Street Journal wrote his last article for that publication today. He last article provided his view of the top 12 influential tech products. Five out of twelve of the products are from Apple (in chronological order): Newton MessagePad (1993) iPod (2001) iPhone (2007) MacBook Air (2008) iPad (2010) These products …

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Microsoft Innovation

Dick Bass on Microsoft’s lack of Innovation A critique from a former Microsoft VP about Microsoft issues with innovation shows that even with huge resources, talented people, and world class research, cultural roadblocks and internal competition can severely impede successful delivery of innovation. Official Microsoft Response Surprisingly, as John Gruber noted, Microsoft officially responded without …

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