Apple Design is not Infallible

David Pogue has nicely summarized (Pogue’s Post:One of Apple’s Best Ideas Ever — Made Worse) an inexplicable design faux pas (mistake) by Apple. It is understandable that they had to change the MagSafe power cord connection to make it thinner to match the thinner laptops. Some other computers have some ghastly connectors that distort the computer case by creating ungainly bulges.

Lenova IdeaPad U310 with full size Ethernet connector

Apple would never do that but why did they go back to the T design and misjudge the strength of magnet required?

Apple T design MagSafe power connector beside USB connector

In their product videos they brag about the level of research into magnets they have done. Power cord connection seems to be a problem area for Apple because they went through a period a few years ago where they had to replace power cords which were malfunctioning where they connect to the computer.

Malfunctioning Apple MagSafe power cords

They previously replaced the T design with a more streamlined, less cord strain, and less prone to bumping L design.

Apple L design MagSafe power connector

Did anyone complain about the L design power cords? So why did they go back to the T design? It is bad enough that many people will have to buy adapters to use their old power cords but it might necessary to buy more power cords again if and when Apple goes back to a thinner version of the version 2 L design as they should.

Here is hoping that Apple does it right when they introduce a new dock connector for iPhone 5.

Possible iPhone 5 smaller connector (bottom) Possible adapter for iPhone 5 connector

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