Do You Want Magic or Specs?

There is a lot of reaction to the iPad announcement and much of it is criticism. Fraser Spiers explains it as Futureshock. Much of the commentary is about how the iPad is not like other computers as if this is a bad thing. How would innovation occur if suppliers listened to sources like ZDNet (10…

What makes a Successful Tablet?

Daring Fireball has a thought provoking retrospective on the Newton regarding how the new Apple tablet will differ from its tablet predecessors. This will eventually make a classic marketing and product management case study once the dust settles and we see how successful or not the new product(s) become. Newton Messagepad tablet Newton with keyboard…

Phenomenal Product Manager

Brian Lawley at the 280Group has a really great promotion for his new book The Phenomenal Product Manager (The Product Manager’s Guide to Success, Job Satisfaction and Career Acceleration). It is only available until October 1, 2009 and it includes membership in the AIPMM (Association of International Product Marketing Management).

Three Entrepreneurial Books To Read Before You Turn 21

Three Entrepreneurial Books To Read Before You Turn 21: “Feld Thoughts” It is ok to read them after you are 21 too. (Via Technology Review.)

Business Models for Startups

Steve Blank has done an excellent presentation for the Cleantech Accelerator conference on the difference between business plans and business models and how they can complement each other. He provides very clear examples, templates, and a structure on how diagrams can be used to clarify your business hypotheses and plans. Business clarity and simplicity have…

New Business Models

Chris Anderson, senior editor at Wired, has written a number of interesting articles about business models and marketing. His book “The Long Tail: Why the future of business is selling less of more” is a classic that explains how the Pareto principle (80-20 rule) can be applied to selling products. Conventional wisdom is to focus…

Product Management Software Comparison

This information is a bit dated but generally the 280group is a good reference source on product management topics. Product Management Software Comparison: “” (Via .)

The Process of Innovation

The Dubberly Design Office has posted a lot of useful information on Design and Innovation. I particularly like the thought provoking and attractive models. Warning needs to be studied in detail. A Model of Innovation More Innovation Models Reward their generosity in making these models available by sharing your own innovation models.

Product Management vs. Product Marketing

Do a search on product management vs. product marketing and there is no shortage of articles on the subject. Avoid a “Trap” in the Priorities of Product Management vs. Product Marketing uses the inside-ouside definitions to differentiate management and marketing then goes on to make the point that marketing should focus on only a couple…